Ebony Reigns
Ebony Reigns

Barely a week after Ebony released her new single “Date Ur Fada”, the controversy was crazy and everyone was anxious about what will happen in the hope for expecting a reply. Oh yes it finally came from two acts. Brella and Luther.

Check Out : Brella – Play You Gala (Ebony Reply)

Brella’a version seems to catch the attention of the 90s Bard Gyal. His version was titled “Play You Gala” and the female songstress has something to offer the young rapper. She made a post on her Facebook page:

“Somebody find this guy for me.i want to help him get a record deal.the best reply so far to my date ur fada and i think he is talented#dateurfada”



Someone needs to find Brella quickly and tell him the wonderful offer available to him cos this could be his stepping stone to stardom.