Celebrated Ghanaian rapper, Edem has finally named his supposedly top three (3) best rappers in Ghana and it will surprise you those he listed.

Speaking live with Yaw Sakyi, host of Viasat 1’s Courtside, the rapper did not hesitate to unveil his top best three rappers in Ghana.

Of course Edem would have mentioned his name too but the host was clear that the list should exclude him.

In order of the best, Edem named

  1. Gemini

According to Edem list, Gemini is number one rapper in Ghana at the moment. His defended his choice by saying Gemini raps always clear messages and his artistic skills are always on point.

  1. M.anifest

Edem named M.anifest as the second best rapper in Ghana. For justifying M.anifest, Edem

  1. Yaw Siki (Now Evangelist)

O gosh, Yaw Siki is the third best rapper in Ghana but rather unfortunately, Yaw is not doing rap anymore. According to Edem, Yaw Siki brought light to the Fante language with his unique style of rapping.

One baffling question is, what about the likes of Sarkodie, EL, Yaa Pono and Flowking Stone?


By: Fredericknoamesi.