Enock Agyapong
Enock Agyapong

Good day Fam hope all is well, man had to take a little break to deal with some emotional issues but thanks to Jah man is back on his feet with some small Vhim hoping to fully resume with full Vhim soon.

I have quietly observed in my one corner the way we are all showering praises on Anas Aremeyaw Anas for his GFA expose’ and I believe we should be a little careful with our praises before we create a monster that will eventually devour us.
I honestly admire his ways of fighting corruption but am against him collaborating with our colonial masters to break our system down.

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We have our institutions that we as a Nation have decided to put our trust in and when we believe it is getting corrupt it should be left to us to put it back on track. We don’t need any foreigner to come and expose us as if they have a perfect system in their country.

When the Australian Julian Assange exposed America’s CIA with those wikileaks tapes we all saw the rot in their holier than thou system and how angry America was.
You see when Anas did the expose on our Judges somewhere in September 2015 I was not happy at all and I still believe it should have been condemned outright but we rather praised him.
Can you imagine what will happen if I have an issue with you and both of us know that if we send it to court the judges will take goats and yams and overturn an obvious ruling? It’s either we find the next shrine and get spiritual justice which will end up in one losing his or her life or we throw blows to attain physical justice which will also end up in the strongest surviving and that will send us back to the animal Kingdom where the strongest survive and the result will be total anarchy.

I did a post on it when that expose’ was done and said institutions like the Judiciary must not be touched yet no one listened but rather showered more praises on Anas including the Presidency after all who the F am I.

In akan we have a proverb that says ” we say get off us and not get of him” because when he gets off him he will bring it on you but because we also have another proverb that says “Etua wu nyonku hwa, Etua Duam” literally meaning “Hitting my brother, hitting tree” we seem to care less.

Just after the Presidency finished showering their praises on Anas another individual called Manasseh Azure did a Ford expose on the Presidency just before the 2016 election which contributed greatly to the lose of that Presidential elections.

Let me repeat that I am not against Anas fighting corruption but I’m against him using our colonial masters to correct us and it makes me feel like we are still slaves since we can correct our own selves.

I’m in the entertainment industry and when we felt Ghamro was messing up we didn’t need Anas to come and correct it for us, we gathered ourselves and sent the illegal board to court and they were thrown out by the courts then we had a peaceful elections. As I type right now we feel there is some amount of corruption in our Film industry as well, specifically ASORG and so we have sent them to court awaiting the ruling.

The point I’m making is that we should be able to check ourselves.
The politicians must sit up and stop taking everything for grunted, you see their behaviour is making us believe that they are all the same so if NDC does something wrong NPP will close its eye on it a typical case of John Gyinapoh can never jail Abu Gyinapoh syndrome and that perception will only make us praise individuals like Anas who will then become a monster that will eat us up eventually.

We don’t even need a child in this country to tell us that GFA is corrupt but our irresponsible Leaders have turn a blind eye to it. When GFA came back from Brazil after drinking 1 coconut for $200 what did they do? some just came to cry as if they’ve lost their fathers and after that some were promoted to the Presidency to go and continue chopping. Even some who cried still have the guts to walk around and talk about others being corrupt.
So if we did not punish people for such corrupt and foolish behaviour what will stop the next politician from sending his family members who know nothing about journalism to go and cover a sports tournament only for them to be arrested and deported by that country’s immigration. After that director who created that mess was sacked have you heard of any punishment for him?
We are a sovereign country and an independent nation so let’s act a such. In Nigeria when they felt there was rot in their “GFA” they sacked the man in charge and yes FIFA banned them but that banned have been lifted. Even FIFA itself is facing corruption charges so what’s all this noise for. Our irresponsible leaders decided to leave Kwesi Nyatakyi there for 13 years and now he is the longest serving football association President in the world whiles we all know that when you leave water in a bottle for a long time it stinks. Our politicians must sit up and stop pampering rot.

Lucky Dude once said “Too much power in one man’s hand is a dangerous thing” and I believe that’s why we have given our powers to 3 different Arms of government ie The Executive, The Legislature and the Judiciary and gradually adding the Media to it and we expect them to check each other whiles they check all of us.

Anas should and must be encouraged to fight corruption but should stop collaborating with our colonial masters to bug our houses, entice us with holiday trips abroad, 5 star hotel treats and finally tempt us with money only to turn around to say we are corrupt as if they are the holy ghost incarnate mtchweeeee.