Whoever thought female rapper Eno will have anything seksual to do with Ennwai of Dobble fame?

Well the two are up to something. Starting with their #Totals collaboration which was released few days ago, Eno and Ennwai are lately making what we think should be made private, public.

From Snapchats to their social media lives, we wouldn’t be quick to judge these two musicians as lovers. However, the kind of comments they make about themselves, even in the song is what we are talking about.

In this #Totals song which was produced by NAD Exclusive, Eno in her verse talked about how ready she is to give her tin to Ennwai because she (Eno) believes in his (Ennwai) love.

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Listen to the song below and lets start talking..

Ennwai – Totals (Feat. Eno) [Download]