Episode - Apocalypto (Revenge of the Spartans Cover) (GhanaNdwom.com)


You’ve  listened to music and certainly many songs  that have come your way. Popular delicacy among Ghanaian music  consumers is the huge crave  for Hiplife and somewhat HipHop music which are  gaining grounds step by step. 
Episode aka Dj Baddy doesn’t follow   the bandwagon  and always provides his fans with special reasons to follow and go along with his trend. Checking up on him  from some of his  popular hit  tunes such as Avatar, Mandela, Sinners Prayer and Tun up which is on the Foam Party Riddim you will only end up realizing and being convinced that providing quality music has always been his stock in trade.

His genre of music is a melodious mixture of Reggae, Danchall, Hip Hop and other genres like Zouk infused with varied Caribbean genre all boxed in one making him a versatile artiste. His unique style and diverse melodies are visible traits that proves the density of his persona as an artiste.
As an artiste who puts himself to the test, he us an artist who believes in talent over hype and as a way of proving his prowess to his fans he picks up the instrumentals of Sarkodie’s “Revenge of the Spartan” and does his version which is naming it  “Apocalypto”.
With the vibe  “We Kill ‘Em from away” forming the chorus of the song  he goes  down into it to stress on the need  for everyone to  listen to him. Juxtaposing him with Sarkodie on that particular riddim it won’t be far fetched  for one to conclude that Episode really killed it . This is something worth noting about versatile artistes who are able to prove their talent no matter the challenge put before them.

Episode is really giving Sarkodie a hard run for his money as he applies good touches to the riddim and takes to a different level .A viral video on that will soon be out . You will certainly be craving for more stuffs from him as he is the music, and music is the truth. He gives to us a snippet of the tune for our listening pleasure.

Episode – Apocalypto (Snippet)