Dancehall Powerhouse Episode is rumored to have taken his traits within the dance fraternity to different heights by planning to sojourn overseas to shoot the visuals of his popular hit ‘’avatar’’.

Deep throated sources close the ontrack family is said to have disclosed this development citing quality and class as the main reason why the ontrack boss is seriously considering that option. Though the exact location is safely being held behind tight lips, arrangements being undertaken by the Ontrack crew recently points to give more credibility to what is being considered a rumor at least for now.

The song which featured Rudbwoy ranking was released close to a year ago but has never lost its spot as one of the most trending and sought after songs of still making huge waves  in them system. Whether being shot locally or internationally the good news fans can at least go home with is that their numerous calls for a video to add slice to the already waves commanding  audio has at last fallen on good ears .

If the development turns out to be true then this would happen to be the first international exposure for the dancehall energy god as far as visual recording is concerned .it still remains uncertain whether Rudbwoy ranking would join the crew for trip to the unknown destination deliver his part of the deal meanwhile efforts over the few days to reach Episode  to either confirm or deny the story has proved futile .

There seems to be more questions begging for answer coupled with so much anxiety so why don’t we wait, keep our fingers and see what to expect from the ontrack boss who of course is well known for being full of uncertainties.