FaReed, known as the (Hiphop alhaji) who risen into the Ghanaian music scene from a year ago is bit by bit turning into a commonly recognized name as of now, as the youthful champ continues making real moves and his steady arrivals of good songs catching up with stunning music videos.

Since FaReeds commencement into the music profession, he has officially release three songs and his last song GoGa which features VRMG’s boss Edem, has won him an eye from a standout amongst the most regarded CEO in the entertainment business Bolaray.

FaReed on Tuesday was welcomed by Bolaray to his office at the platinum heights were he was welcome with warm hands and grins as Bolaray had a short meeting with him and his team, thereafter personally took a few pictures with FaReed underwriting him as one of the quick rising-musician to come from Ghana to cross outskirts right away, Bolaray after the short meeting vow his support for FaReed and his team promising to bolster him in all edges utilizing his stages to help advance his image and music all over Ghana and beyond.

In participation for the meeting was FaReed’s manager/CEO of his label (Bamba Records) and his road manager popularly known as (Mod Dee).

FaReed also set to release his fourth song which also features sensational reggae/dancehall artist Iwan and edges fans to anticipate!

The following are select photographs from the meeting and furthermore look at his new video GoGa ft Edem…..!


FaReed ft Edem GoGa