Ghanaian sensational Singer Fatau Keita has added his voice to the recent beating and raping of two women in Ghana.

In a recent interview with Amanda on E – talk on Ghone TV he said “I cried when I watched the video of a woman being molested by the mob. 

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In a separate telephone conversation with he said initially when I saw the video I couldn’t believe human beings could behave like this then I heard them speaking the local dialect “Twi” and realized it was
from my own country.

This is not Ghanaian and must be condemned completely. I heard it
happened in Adum Kumasi and I believe the King must speak on this issue.

In Tamale also a twelve year old girl was raped and strangled to death, this is barbaric and I think we are losing our sense of sympathy, empathy and patriotism as Ghanaians.

I hear the police is undertaking some investigations and am hoping they will prosecute the offenders so it will serve as a deterrent to other culprits

We all have responsibilities, as men, as women, as musicians, as
politicians, as Pastors, as Chiefs and in so doing we will build a
strong and vibrant nation.

Watch below Fatau Keita’s video “Act As A Woman”.