Sakrk & Stone.

It is only fear which will make a man run away from the battlefield which is ahead of him. Well in the case of a story concerning Flowking Stone and Sarkodie concerning a rap battle, even with no reply coming from the latter, the former is running away from his own words. According to Flowking Stone, he never made any statement about him being ready to battle BET award winning rapper Sarkodie to prove who is the best rapper in Ghana.


Flowking Stone granted an exclusive interview to David Mawuli of PulseGhana and he stated categorically that the reports going round concerning him being ready to battle Sarkodie are false.

“I didn’t say that and I never mentioned Sarkodie in my interview. What I said was that, if anyone wants to put me in a (rap) battle, it should be Eninem or Kendrick Lamar. I don’t think you should put me in battle with any rapper in Ghana and Africa,” he said.

He further stated that, even his own brother, Okyeame Kwame who is popularly known as ‘Da Rap Docta’ who a lot of Ghanaians consider to be a rap legend, should not be compared to him when it comes to real rap as he knows all the components concerning rap and he makes much sense in his punch lines.

“Everybody in Ghana including Okyeame Kwame, Sarkodie, Reggie Rockstone, and the rest can’t rap and rhyme better than I do. You should listen to my flow. We can go fast, we can go slow; but anytime we do both, I always make sense out of it.”

For us (Africans), we use African rhythm, drums and the rest to flow and every single word in it makes a lot of sense. Meaning, tune, flow, style, attitude are always on point, no ‘nonfa’ and punches that would take you three days to understand is what I do.”

By: David Mawuli / PulseGhana