Foundation of Creative Arts Professional “FOCAP” over the past month have been meeting with the Gatekeepers of the Entertainment Industry of Ghana.


The purpose of these meetings is to put the Industry back on track.


The President of Focap Mr Kojo Preko Dankwa in an interview said Ghana is blessed with great talents when it comes to the Creative Arts industry but due to lack of leadership we’re failing in all aspects of the Industry be it Music, Movies or Fine Arts.


In the past when the gatekeepers were fully active Ghana was in the lead when it came to Music & Movies but due to one or two reasons these Gatekeepers decided to take a back seat and today Ghana is really struggling to make any meaningful headway.


Every industry needs gatekeepers in leadership position to protect and project the industry in the right direction and as an advocacy group we’ll make it one of our topmost priorities.


We’ve had deep rooted discussion with industry giants like Bola Ray, Abeku Santana, Rudy Kwakye, KOD etc and they’ve also shared their concerns and we hope they’ll take back the mantle especially now that they’re in better positions to lead gracefully.


They’ve done it before and we’ve also seen the opportunities of locked keys and we can guarantee the Industry that if these great men and women accept the proposal and reactivate to unlock the keys the Industry will see great success.


As the industry stands now it’s just more about the Show than the Biz and that narrative must Change.


We all as an industry from Labels, Artists, Actors, Producers, Directors, DJs, Entertainment Journalists, Bloggers, Presenters, Pundits etc have a role to play in order to see the success of this great industry.


Respect for all is key as we move to another face of this Industry.


#FOCAP #PositiveAdvocacy

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