Buxton Isaac Adu aka FIMFM meaning “Future Inspired Music For Inquiring Minds”. has lived most of his life doing rap music and used to be in a rap duo known as Anansedems. The love and passion for music made him spread his knowledge base
not to merely composition and performing of his music but to other arenas of the industry such as sound engineering and graphics.
FIMFIM had his basic education at Dansoman Baptist Academy went to Ghana Senior High School Koforidua and currently taking an associate degree course in marketing management with ICM UK.
Raping with little or no abusive or offensive content, FIMFIM blends the use of the English language and the locally glorified languages like Twi, Ga, Hausa and Broken English to bring out a uniquely developed art that’s different from what’s already on the scene.
Fimfim always amps the crowd anytime he is on stage doing what he likes to do, i.e. showing versatility in his rap styles distinguishing him from the lot out there. F.y.i, you can also call him the rapper man for the fact that he defines rap to the understanding of the ordinary street fellow in a street corner somewhere. He’s featured on a lot of shows in the country including those for charity.FIMFIM has already performed on many platforms during his developmental time.
• Facebook Wakye Party (aviation social centre)
• L-Fashion Modeling Show Dec 2009 –Exopa Burg
• World Aids day 2006 (Ghana National Theatre)
• Bless The Mic events 2009
• The Face Of Legon 2009 (Main Event Ghana National Theatre)
• Worlds Aids Day November 2009 (Alliance François)
• BTM Hip pop Nation Concert (Alliance François)
• Central University SRC week (Central University ‘Main’ Camp)
• Black History Month 2010 (Dubois Centre)
• James Town Street Children Charity Event (Dubois Centre)
• Meridian Pre-University (I –rep meridian after party)
• Methodist University (Akwaaba Week )
• Central University SRC week 2011 (Prampram)
• Yfm area code jam maiden event (Dansoman)Currently managed by Dream Entertainment, Fimfim has dropped couple singles which includes last coins produced by Jay So and The Rapperman & Oboshie produced by Fimfim which features Kesse of MTN Project fame.
His beats are head banging and feet moving that triggers artiste in the studio (platinum studios) to jump on them unawares. He is going to be a force to reckon with in the not too distant future with his songs and those he’s produced for others.
Anytime you hear the phrase ‘frrr more vybz 4 ya medulla’, you should know FIMFIM the RAPPER MAN is in the hood. Rapperman’s Video is out on lots of television stations and also planning on shooting that of Oboshie. Xbills Ebenezer of Xpress Philms is behind Fimfims videos.

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