One of the smartest career moves is to be re-branded as just as companies, non-profits and even government institutions does. With this, the former local artist Luther has been re-branded to an international Afro-Pop/Reggae Artist with showbiz name LUTA.

As part of the now international artist’s re-branding, he has gained a managerial body (Purple Soul Multimedia) to move his career further.

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In an interview with LUTA, he said he is a different person now. Though people know him very well with the former brand and label name Luther, LuuGang but he has developed significantly and brings a lot to cooperate Ghana and various stakeholders in the entertainment industry locally and internationally.

According to the Afro-Pop/R&B artist, the world should look forward to his first single yet to conquer airwaves on 1st February, 2018.

If you want to take your career to the next level, you need to re-brand yourself. You need to make it easy for peers, colleagues and employers to see your experience and recognize the value you can add to their projects and/or companies. In short, you need to make them want you.

Label name is still Luta (LuuGang) but under Purple Soul Multimedia with LUTA as brand name which takes effect today January 16, 2018 of which the public are urged to note.

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