In a heartwarming testimony, Tracy Mensa, the proprietor of Tracel Foods, has shared her journey of transformation and success under the guidance and support of Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun, founder of Spiritlife Revival Ministries – The Oracles’ Place. Tracy’s story serves as a powerful testament to the impact of the Prophet’s generosity and mentorship on the lives of church members.

Tracy recounts joining Spiritlife Revival Ministries at a time of personal struggle, where she describes herself as “broken” and having “nothing.” However, her life took a remarkable turn when Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun extended a helping hand, providing not just financial assistance but also invaluable encouragement and guidance.

In November 2023, Tracel Foods became one of the ten beneficiaries of the Spiritlife Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program initiated by Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun. Through this program, Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun disbursed 10,000 Ghanaian cedis to each of the ten church members to kickstart their businesses. For Tracy, this support was the catalyst that propelled Tracel Foods, the maker of Tracel Shito, into full-fledged operation.

Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun didn’t stop there. Tracy attests to his ongoing involvement in her business, offering guidance on how to nurture its growth and even endorsing Tracel Shito through a video alongside his wife, Mimi ElBernard Nelson-Eshun. This endorsement not only boosted sales but also opened doors to further opportunities, including endorsements from renowned figures like gospel artist Joe Mettle.

Tracy expresses her deep gratitude to Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun, crediting him as the driving force behind Tracel Foods’ success. She emphasizes that without his support, there would be no Tracel Shito.

Tracy’s testimony comes at a time when Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun is making headlines for his continued acts of kindness, including aiding ace gospel artist Edward Akwasi Boateng with a car, a monthly stipend, and scholarships for his children. These acts of generosity serve as a testament to Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun’s commitment to uplifting and empowering members of his congregation.

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