King Lagazee
King Lagazee

From VP Records Mixtape to having a Radio slot on BBC 1Xtra with Seani B — it’s Ghana’s King Lagazee is on the global rise!

Ghana needs to pay more attention to King Lagazee! From playing Reggae music on the countryside with sound systems to grabbing radio slots in the countryside to hosting a TV Show (Dub Legend) in Accra, and then having a major spotlight on a vibrant radio station like Hitz 103.9fm is no cheap feat!

Isaac Monney, popularly known in Showbiz as King Lagazee is a thoroughbred head who keeps growing from one height to another by the changing dates of the calendar. His line of awards won and list of major international and home-based music heavyweights he has interviewed is still uncountable! Not to say he has access to just interview legendary and vital faces from the Reggae & Dancehall circles but the quality of his interviews and style of playing and promoting songs on his platforms are just apropos!

Check out : Kwame Nkansah – Pepeepe (Feat. Clemento Suarez) (Prod. by Abochi)

In October 2020, he landed a major break inking his name on a VP Records project where he had his first ever major international mixtape curated for the biggest Reggae Record Label in the world.

As if not enough, he brought the big surprise to the Ghanaian Reggae Fraternity when he got his first mix enlisted on BBC 1Xtra with Jamaica’s celebrated international jock, Seani B.

Elorm Beenie who writes for caught up with the ‘fashionable’ Radio Selector about how he got the big break into BBC while staying in Ghana.

On How He Got The Slot?
“Monday, March 15, 2021 in the morning around 11:00am, I got a call from Seani B of BBC 1Xtra, and he said to me that this weekend 1Xtra is doing Africa 360, in terms of looking into Africa, so he wants me to do a mix of 15 minutes representing strictly African Reggae. So I accepted to do that and represent Africa and for that matter Ghana and he implored his producer Rebecca will link me for all the necessary things I should do. Then boom, one thing led to another, that was it!” — King Lagazee.

“Africa360” is a show BBC 1Xtra is curating this weekend to throw a big spotlight on the African scene, and it started the Thursday March 18, 2021.

Seani B, celebrated international Reggae/Dancehall Selector cum Curator is the host of the show.

“Seani B chooses the best personalities from Africa to suit what he’s doing, so we have the likes of myself (King Lagazee) from Ghana, Dynamq from South Sudan, Wyre from Kenya, Kahpun from Ghana just to mention a few who featured on the show”, he explained.

“It has always been my dream, when it comes to the BBC 1Xtra, this means everything to me, let me say less over here and leave the rest to Yahweh”, King Lagazee.

What this means for Ghana’s Sound System Culture?
“This is a big move for sound system culture in Ghana because myself and my colleagues of like minds always wanted the name of Ghana to cross borders when it comes to Sound system culture. My representation on the Africa360 show by Seani B on BBC 1xtra was in fine style, the mix was classic as Seani B stated on his post on Twitter, we represented Lagazee Sound International and Ghana as well as Africa as a whole. It is a good look.” (King Lagazee)

King Lagazee is host of Yaad Settingz on Hitz 103.9fm every Sunday between 20:00hrs GMT to 22:00hrs GMT, arguably Ghana’s biggest Reggae Radio Magazine. He owns Lagazee Sound International too, the biggest Ghanaian Sound System with a branch in Europe (Norway) championed and co-hosted by Selector Junior Maestro while Selector Garlic, Benedict Jahface, Naa British Accra and Bob Afrika holds the fort here in Ghana with King Lagazee. They have organized at least 3 major Ghanaian Sound Clash Events with the latest held on January 29, 2021 at Portion’s Gardens which saw Nexus Sounds winning over Fyah Krew Soundz. That event was sponsored by Riverside Entertainment Crew.