George Mensah


This letter is to you the talented, gifted but yet the most looked down upon individuals in my opinion in our Ghanaian society.

Your efforts  as an artiste to make it in our small but yet tough entertainment industry has for far long been neglected by the so called ‘Gate Keepers’ of our industry and government policy makers, who claim to be helping yet fail to put systems in place to support the budding artiste in Ghana.

Musicians around the globe belong to agencies or societies that have helped put systems in place to help boost their music industry, however in Ghana we all know the system has done no such thing.

In light of this, I George Mensah Britton as an artiste Manager and showbiz media practitioner who have observed our appalling yet bright music industry for quite some time, humbly appeal to every musician and management team to stand for #80%GhMusic playlist for all radio & TV stations.

The pain is felt by the majority of you as your hard work is put in the ‘trash’ as foreign music is made the choice for most playlist for your fans who wait patiently to hear music from you.

It is key to be part of this initiative because a united front always makes an impact; #80%GhMusic will be beneficial to you the artiste and the industry as a whole.

As an individual who is passionate about Ghanaian music, I take it to heart as these practices by radio & TV stations are killing not only the talents but also failing to educate the youth about Ghanaian music and culture, and I have been to most of the neighboring countries who mostly play music by artiste from that specific country, but only give about 5-10 percent airtime to foreign music with Ghana in most cases not even making that list.

Music is precious and affects almost everybody and almost every aspect of our day to day lifestyle as well as creating avenues for the citizenry aside attracting foreign exchange.
Please let not this call to unify die out as we owe it to ourselves to make things right for ourselves and the future leaders.

We will be calling on you to sign a petition to make this change happen. Please be part, you can start by using the hash tag #80%GhMusic on all social media platforms.
We are our own tomorrow and change starts by UNITY, together we can make it happen.