He developed a character of holding himself responsible in a higher standard than any one expects of him, he was quick to develop a reputation as a person of character and honor,  centered his attention for time being, on the  development of creative imagination to uplift the image of his artist, business partner, brother and a friend,  in the course of that, he has the gusto and also  enjoying the nucleus of riches he desires; both socially and in business life pleasantly. There are lots of people who have immensely contributed enormous efforts towards the betterment of our arts industry but always like to hide behind cameras, but unfortunately their hard work and contributions always rockets them out . Mohammed Sidi happens to fall within such ghost workers; you hardly see them working meanwhile they are actually the fuels flaming things up. He has registered his presence, Blakk Cedi or Road God as his  cognomen in the arts industry.

Check Out : Quata Budukusu – Hallelujah (Prod by Ephraim)


Blakk Cedi is not the type who has the temerity to oppugn talents  when he sees or comes into contact with one, he is a pre-programmed and passion driven individual who’s burning desire allows him to naturally unclog and support a potential working class individual. Blakk Cedi  has a long time history with multiple award winning music maestro  Stonebwoy back in the grass root days in his  career;  they both did stuffs together hand in hand  in the sweating days, which proved to be a significant moment in his life and adding up to Stonebwoy’s success as well. Honing his skills to become on top of his field was not limited to him because he possessed  series of virtues of a person with character, courage, passion, gifted,  generous, friendly, temperate, persistent, positive, hardworking,  et al.

Trust, loyalty, respect, unity,  solving their differences diplomatically, lubricated their relationship at the early stages of their lives, this flourished to become a habit between them. During the time Stonebwoy  was signed  onto veteran reggae dancehall artiste Samini’s, Highgrade Family, Blakk Cedi  had always been supportive,  a pillar of strength/hope and an integral team player  working on the ground to make sure all was well with his daresay superstar.  The equation between him and the Bhimnation (BMG)  president was properly solved when Stonebwoy loosened his nut from Highgrade Family,  before Samini  Music. Afterwards it launched a shot for Blakk Cedi  to reach the pinnacle of his career and flowered him up to the position of Stonebwoy’s  road manager/manager. With immediate effect he resumed work selflessly and effortlessly because as of that time there was no manager; his creativity and expertise in the field was outstanding . After Stonebwoy loosened his nut from Samini Music, he joined forces with Blakk Cedi  to nurture a coterie viz Burniton Music Group (BMG),  after the grade one album. Since then they have been bargaining with life on high hope, focus, determination, among others till success found them. He has been working with Stonebwoy professionally for the past 5 years, but has always worked with him directly and indirectly from his school days.

 According to Road God, he envisioned and believed in Stonebwoy  when people did not know their worth supporting him at that time, he also admired his persistent and not given up spirit towards his craft. Blakk Cedi’s rationale propelled him to collaboratively motivate and work with Stonebwoy. Also, he stated  the common denominators for success which are prayer, discipline, dedication, determination, commitment, hard work  and delighting persons around you. Working with Stonebwoy has opened closed doors and new chapters in his life; he has travelled around the world, shared stages with international big leaguers in the music, movie, etc fraternity, met trending value artists in and across the globe and has studied various approach to handle music business from various angles and perspectives. He bellies up his work  with an idiomatic approach to meet the international market. Working beyond the boundaries of a road manager/manager  was one of his abundant avalanche, being that he has always been curious to explore new avenues in real life and in  business life. This elevated him from his comfort zone to greatness. Investing into himself and brand was and is still his lifestyle and entreats everyone who looks up to him to do same to improve upon their self image and not focus only on luxurious things .


On the contrary, leaders are not born; they are made, through hard work and that was the price Blakk Cedi had  to  pay to enjoy the fruit of his labor. There’s no such thing like something for nothing, if  not for anything, he has thrown light into the future and unco  contributed  herculean efforts to Stonebwoy’s trending value success with the help of other team players of Bhimnation whose synergy has created momentum. His tactical awareness of endeavoring to become a great man of authority on success to  impact society in a positive way, persisted him to became a man of  character and work hard  just as carbon is to steel. Through Blakk Cedi’s  invigoration, tenacity and persistence ensured  Stonebwoy  to sweep the following  accolades under his belt;

VGMA artist of the year 2015

Affrimma Award 2015

BET award (Best international act Africa)

Bass awards 2015 (Best male, Best reggae song of the year – Run go, Dancehall song – Go higher, Best collaboration, Best performer, Dancehall artist of the year, artist of the year and best album of the year) and some couple prestigious awards and countless nominations to commemorate his hard work. More so his burning desire alongside passion, focus, determination, will power among the rest has(is) improving with age/time.