Very soon we will be going to the polls to cast our ballots and this events happens once in every 4years and it will determine the direction in which the country will go.
Ogya Mensah who recently released his latest single Get Serious in an interview with Ghanandwom.com said that our leaders do not take us Serious even though we put them in power therefore if we get the opportunity to elect a leader we should do it with all seriousness. Elections is not about who is short or tall or has a bushy mustache in fact it is not a beauty contest or who can make more promises  but it is about who is serious enough to manage the country and that power to elect belongs to the voters. We have had the privilege of electing previous leaders and therefore can asses who was Serious.

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A good leader is one who knows the problems of his or her citizens and takes pragmatic steps to solve them.
A good leaders is not someone who takes advantage of his position to intoxicate himself with corruption and enrich himself with the resources of the country.
Bad leaders are elected by bad voters so we should therefore listen to their messages and vote on ISSUES and not because he comes from my hometown or he is short and cute or he is tall and handsome.
The destiny of the nation is ones again being placed in our hand and it will take Serious voters to elect a Serious leader.