Its been 2 years since the board of Ghamro was voted into office and even though they have done some work there seems to be more that can be done.

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The work of a CMO is to collect royalties from the users of music and distribute it to the creators of these musical works and the major users of these works are radio stations.

The only way you can know what is being played and how many times its being play is by having a login system in place, am therefore at a loss as to why its almost 2 years and they dont seem to have that system in place.

Even how to share the royalties accurately will depend on the Login system and thats why rightowners keep complaining of not knowing what and why they are receiving certain amounts.

Ironically they have asked the users of our works GIBA to collect our monies for us and how do we even know they will collect the right monies since I dont know how GIBA will side with us when negotiating with the radio stations who are their members.

I believe the only way to monitor GIBA is via a monitoring system infact without a login system Ghamro will be doing no Job cause they will be compensating rightowners rather than paying them their due.

How can you pay Shatta Wale, Sarkodie etc whose songs are being played everyday the same way you paying Artist who have not made songs in like 10years.

I believe the time to put a monitoring system in place is now.

You have Laws that are backing you so put the right system in place so that when you are no more in power the system will still work.

The work of Ghamro is not to go round delivering funeral donations but to put systems in place to pay the rightowners and everything have been made available so what is stoping them.

The direction in which the industry is going, with distribution virtually non-existent and shows being played by just a few artist, rightowners dependency will soon be on CMOs and if Ghamro doesn’t sit up and act now they would be overwhelmed by the pressure that will come on them.