The celebration of Ghana’s 60th Independence was joined by nearly 5 million people of African descent residing in nations throughout the world. Represented by American Soul Fusion performing Artist Kim Poole, “the connection shared by this group to each other and the continent of Africa is maintained through an art and cultural umbilical cord,” says Poole.

On March 4th, during the Ghana Music Week 2017, Poole demonstrated that umbilical connection with a spirit-filled rendition of the highly acclaimed Adele piece entitled “Hello.” Sharing the stage with Ghana’s top recording artist like Afiya and Adena, the night’s festivity were at an all-time. The jovial energy found in Highlife, Afro Hop, Gospel and R&B opening acts served as a sturdy foundation for Poole’s “Bringing it home” performance.

As the last performer of the night, her soulful accord transformed the audience’s exhilaration into a meditative reflection on seat’s edge. As Poole belted out “Hello from the other side” it seemed that the 60 years’ to Ghana’s Independence became a much longer timeline filled with beauty, pride and the journey of a people in mind’s eye. Her voice seemed to transcend the physical realm and sang to the collective crowd soul. Kim Poole Music is a Soul Fusion!!!