Ghana DJ Clinic Kumasi
Ghana DJ Clinic Kumasi


The Ghana DJ Clinic, a groundbreaking educational precursor event to the 11th annual Guinness Ghana DJ Awards, which forms part of a vision championing the welfare of DJs and the development of the culture, saw its successful launch over the weekend at the prestigious Golden Bean Hotel in Kumasi on Saturday, October 21.

The program serves as a platform to educate, empower, and foster collaboration among DJs and other creatives in the industry.

Heavily attended by DJs and other creatives in the Ashanti region, the event garnered an enthusiastic response, attracting both seasoned and emerging DJs. Particularly impressive was the notable presence of numerous female DJs, including DJ Coleda, who displayed their keen interest in pursuing their craft.

Over the past two years, Merqury Republic’s mission has centered around increasing women’s participation in a traditionally male-dominated profession, thereby promoting inclusion and diversity.

Nana Yaa Amoah-Owusu, the Marketing Manager Spirits & RTDs at Guinness Ghana, representing the headline sponsor of the Guinness Ghana DJ Awards, praised the Ghana DJ Clinic as a pivotal initiative. She underscored how the vision of the organizers harmonizes with Smirnoff’s overarching goal of promoting inclusion and diversity. During her speech on “Women Rising: Breaking Barriers to Leadership,” she emphasized the importance of collaboration, urging male DJs to work closely with their female counterparts.

She said, “A lot of global DJs, like DJ Maphorisa, are known for their collaborations. Most of their work involves teaming up with artists and fellow DJs. Why can’t we do the same? I want to see male DJs collaborating with female DJs to execute a plan. Same for the women. Through collaboration, the industry can thrive, and it positions you at the forefront. Collaboration has the power to showcase what DJs are truly capable of. Together you can win a whole championship, but alone you just win a game’.”

Another notable speaker, the legendary Lovin C, delved into the topic of “5 Ways You Are Killing Your Creative Potential.” According to this veteran DJ and radio broadcaster, complacency is a major obstacle to realizing one’s creative potential. He highlighted the tendency of many DJs to become complacent with their current status, urging them to aspire for greater heights. He stated, “Many DJs feel content with their current status, which is a mindset that needs to change.”

NYDJ, a Multiplatform Content Creator and Presenter with YFM, addressed the audience on the topic of “Mastering Technology for Success.” He emphasized the transformative power of social media when harnessed effectively by creatives. He discussed platforms like Spotify, which utilize generative AI to create AI DJs that curate playlists for music enthusiasts. He pointed out how even TikTok can influence the playlists of radio DJs, emphasizing the ever-evolving role of technology in the industry. He said, “TikTok is even influencing the playlists of radio DJs, highlighting the tremendous influence of technology. So, don’t rest on your laurels and say, ‘These platforms didn’t exist in my time.’ To remain relevant, you must stay informed about industry developments.”

Following a series of enlightening presentations, participants engaged in a practical session led by DJ Kaxtro, an influential figure in the DJing profession. DJ Kaxtro guided attendees through the evolution of DJing, from the days of CD players to traditional turntables, and onto the modern era of modified turntables. The session covered vital skills such as mixing, tempo control, pitching, and more, equipping attendees with valuable insights and expertise.

The Ghana DJ Clinic left attendees inspired and ready to take action. David Quaye, the event’s organizer at Merqury Republic, expressed his satisfaction with the event’s progress since its inception two years ago.

He stated, “The Ghana DJ Clinic is not just an event but a sector booster, a vision, and a force passionately nurtured for DJ empowerment. Our goal is clear: to educate, empower, and unite creatives within the DJing community, providing the knowledge, tools, and connections to turn dreams into reality” he explained.

“In the past two years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating opportunities for women DJs in an industry where they’ve been underrepresented. We’ve opened doors, shattered stereotypes, and celebrated the incredible talents of women in the DJing world. We extend our deepest appreciation to Smirnoff, whose unwavering support has been a catalyst in illuminating this vision. Together, we are redefining the music landscape, making it more diverse and inclusive.” he added.

The second phase of the Ghana DJ Clinic, preceding this year’s Guinness Ghana DJ Awards, is scheduled for November 11 at the Accra Tourist Information Centre. DJs from across the capital are eagerly anticipating the knowledge, opportunities, and partnerships that will emerge from this exciting event.

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