Free SHS System
Free SHS System 

It’s sad but it must be told even though nobody will listen but the repercussions will be there for all to see.
The end we say justifies the means but we should also know that Agro b3 s) a 3fre anopa.
Free SHS is one of the major NPP campaign promise and even though they have not been able to fulfill many of their numerous promises the Free SHS is one that they have implemented with so many problems and are bent on making it work no matter what.
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Yes education is the key and an educated nation is a prosperous one BUT the Issue is majority in fact nobody have really like really complained about not being able to pay school fees even some “poor” parents sell their cloths and valuables just to be able to pay their kids school fees so they can be called responsible Parents.
Some who can afford go beyond to pay for kids of parents who can’t afford just to get some blessings from God, actually my Dad named me after his Uncle who paid for his fees to the University level.
Presently in Ghana we have Free Education in the North and also cocoa scholarship in the cocoa growing communities for those who can’t afford but quality.
Some who can more than afford even fly their kids abroad to pay higher fees for education and all these scenario are just to tell you that even though school fees is a hell of a problem parents are ready to sacrifices their all just to be called responsible.
Imagine having 3 kids that reopens school on the same day and you have to pay their fees wow it’s crazy and sometimes you have to borrow just to pay so they can call you a responsible Dad and it’s so fulfilling.
If 3 kids is a difficulty then can you imagine paying for every child’s school fees? The tax payers money will get finished in fact you will have to use every resource including borrowing to pay for it.
I saw a taxi once with the inscription SCHOOL FEES so I overtook it and asked the driver why and he said what takes all his money is school fees but that’s what also makes him a proud Dad.
The main reason we send our kids to school is for them to find a descent job when they complete and be able to cater for themselves yet we are in a country where kids finish Universities with no jobs to do in fact we have a group called Association of Unemployed Graduates in Ghana which means there are really NO JOBS to absorb these students we breed onto the job market. This should tell us that we have a major problem of unemployment.
Truth be told when you graduate from school and you don’t work or put it to use. you begin to forget all you learnt and therefore getting employed right after graduation is very key.
Now our President is using majority of our money to pay for free SHS when there are no jobs to absorb them so you ask yourself why won’t he use that same money to build Factories and create more Jobs so that when the parents finish paying their kids fees there will be jobs for the kids to do so they don’t become a burden.
The finance minister recently said it will be difficult to fund for the Free SHS but the President said he will look for money, well It looks like it is the passion of the President and therefore no matter what you say he will not listen but the reality is that passion really don’t pay bills that’s why even in showbiz there is always the biz attached to the show.
Yes Free SHS is good but the fact is Free SHS is too expensive and even far richer countries cannot afford it and those monies can be put into building of factories, roads, hospitals and other essential necessities.
The real truth is that the Free SHS is not for free as it’s being portrayed because the government is actually over taxing us to pay for it.
A typical example is that a 4.0 vehicle which VELD used to cost around 400ghc per annum is now around 2500ghc so tell me what is Free about the SHS. If I was paying the same 400ghc and paying for my kids fees I would have been way better of.
The welfare of the individuals is key so if we follow our passion and increase everything including the price of water which is life then we will really end up in some deep shit hole.
Mr President knows that a ball thrown at a wall with speed will bounce back with speed to hit you in the face and also when you force your teeth out before old age does, you will only see blood.
If he also wants to leave it as a legacy it might not be worth it since it might not be a sustainable legacy and will only leave much to be desired.
Moving forward he should take a critical look at the scheme and make the Free available to those who cannot actually afford.
Secondly he should take a critical look at our educational system which have been destroyed by politicians moving it from 7 years to 6 years to 3 years to 4 years and now back to 3 years and not worsen it by making it a 1 month shit system with red, gold, green, indigo and whatever colours which might eventually mess it up completely.
Thirdly he should take a critical look at the vocational system since the world is now moving from a theory based system to a more practical system.
Fourthly we should as a country separate our educational system from these politicians who always come in with their our personal policies to disturb it.
Personally I believe Mr President should be relaxing more at his age rather than carrying everybody’s load and going round looking for money to come pay school fees yo! It’s too stressful.
Like I said this will probably be the last time we will talk about Nana’s passionate Free SHS matter.
Until then we say #MoreVhim