Following lobbying efforts by the Ghana Online Arts Writers Association (GOAWA) against indiscipline in the industry, especially towards the media, GOAWA announces the publication of stories from the camp of BET award winner and Duncwills Entertainment rapper, Sarkodie – until further notice.

The decision is precipitated by the rapper’s recent expression of ungratefulness towards the media and the passage of some comments which we deem as an insult to our profession and us as practitioners.

Efforts are being coordinated with similar Associations/Movements with the common goal of opposing the act of indiscipline in the music industry in Ghana. This is not to claim that the media is untouchable or is a ‘saintly’ institution – we also do get it wrong sometimes and thus welcome constructive criticisms.

However, Sarkodie’s comments in his song titled ‘Free Press’ smacks of gross ungratefulness. In our efforts to put Ghana on the world map in terms of art and culture through our writings online, we also need to make sure we help shape and keep a well disciplined and focused arts industry.

It’s unfortunate this action might affect our ardent readers and his loyal fans alike, but, we strongly feel this action can help in establishing discipline among industrial players and for a better industry for all. We also urge our members to conduct themselves in manners that do not cast aspersions on the media and themselves – as practitioners. Thank you.

(Executive Members)
Ghana Online Arts Writers Association (Goawa)