Together with all stakeholders in the Agriculture sector and the food chain in Ghana, Plantation Crew in partnership with the National Folklore Board and powered by Marketicons is hosting the first-ever Plantain Festival under the theme “Plantain for The Nation” in Africa.
The event according to the organizer will provide an avenue for the general public to discover and taste an array of dishes made with plantain as the core ingredients. The cause also provides a solid consumer base for the average plantain farmer annually as well as promotes plantain farming.

Whether ripe or unripe, Plantain is one of the few foods that can be used at every stage of its life. The leaves can be used for medicinal purposes and the fruits edible at all stages. There’s a lot of recipes with the base of plantain which are unknown to us Ghanaians and as such Plantain festival will promote an awareness/enlightenment campaign to unveil all other recipes or foods made from plantain.

The event will provide vendors with the opportunity to be creative, innovative and entice the general public and Plantain enthusiasts.

This exciting event has received several endorsements by many celebrities including KOD, EfyaOdo, George Kwaning and International Chef Danie Inc who is seen in an endorsement video emphasizing the relevance of such an event to learn more uses of our Ghanaian farm produce especially Plantain. Chef Danie has made meals for celebrities including Opera, P.Diddy, Pharrel& American rap star 50 cent.
Among the several-invited guest will be Miss Agriculture & her Team participating on the event day to share some more relevance & fun facts on Agriculture in Ghana.
The event is also aimed at increasing the demand for plantain to thereby increase the agriculture sector’s contribution to Ghana’s GDP.
The event is scheduled to take place at the Memory Lane Park, Opeibia opposite Silver Star Towers on the 26th of December 2019 from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening.
The event is supported by Earl Beam Securities, Optical Media Studios, Fix Consult, FanMilk Ghana Ltd & Rural Buddy Transport Ltd.