Rapper Papa Staunch Goes For New Look 1

A prolific Ghanaian Artiste residing in USA, Papa Staunch , is worried about the way the Ghanaian musictrend is going, saying the Artistes are being too one way.

Speaking with Papa Staunch, real name George Oteng Mensah, he mentioned that, he has been following Ghana music since he left the country and he is not impressed how the Artistes are sounding. In his own words, “they all tow the same lane for so long that it is even difficult to know which Artiste song is playing. They are always doing Azonto Azonto, Alkaida, Alkaida, for Christ sake can’t we be doing different things?”

According to Papa Staunch who is celebrated amongst the Ghanaian populace in America, he is worried that, the Artiste might lose focus because they are always waiting for a trend to start for them to follow and not compelled to start a new style or trend.

Papa Staunch who in an earlier interview said “I want to change the trend in Ghana music and it is something I am preoccupied with now. For some time, all songs I heard from Ghana were sounding one way and I was prompted to bring the change” maintains his decision.

Using the established American music industry as an epitome, Papa Staunch mentioned when autotune started in America and most hardcore Rappers were even doing it and it took Jay Z to end that, bringing many of the Rappers to themselves. In his view, he says he is responsible to stop the one way trend in Ghana music so he is working on more projects to bring the change.

By: Nana Kwesi Coomson (www.233times.com)