What happens when talent and mystique meet? What is birthed when a man with a diverse african cultural background embraces modernity? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the story of Gidi; a multi genre afro artiste whose act is clothed in mystery.  Some say he sounds like Olamide because of his high pitched voice when rapping but then again Gidi also sings with a different style.

Some say he is nigerian and some say he is ghanaian. He raps and sings in English, Pidgin English, Yoruba, Twi, Hausa, et cetera. As if that is not strange enough, he wears a mask. 
I feel lucky to have chanced upon him before the world gets to know him. And trust me the world will know him after he releases his first single titled “BLACK SHEEP (Ekule)”
Get ready to be mystified. Gidi has arrived.