Godzy - KokooKo (Prod. by Stiky Iky)
Godzy – KokooKo (Prod. by Stiky Iky)

Godzy Music brings to us the debut single of Godzy, the multi-talented brand. The young model shows off his musical talent on this new sinle titled “Kokooko”. A highlife genre this one is and he sings his heart out to the wonderful woman who gives him goosebumps always. You will automatically fall in love with his singing prowess. Stiky Iky on deck for for the production of this record here. This buzzing single comes along with a lovely video and you will fall in love with the beautiful display of African Prints. It’s just on point and of top notch as well.
Godzy – KokooKo (Prod. by Stiky Iky) [Download]

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcEX6pw19TM]