Efya Rita Gospel music sensation, Efya Rita has just released  her debut album titled “Me Do Fo Kristo”.

The 29 year old Gospel singer who hails from Atimatim in the Ashanti Region of Ghana says she is poised to make an impact in the Gospel Music Industry.

In an interview , she said she owed all her life to God Almighty who has blessed her so much with every spiritual blessing from on high.

Known in real life as Rita Opoku and a member of the Aldersgate Methodist Church in the Kwashieman Circuit of the Accra Diocese, Efya Rita says she believes God has made her come out with this album which she hopes will inspire and motivate many who listen to them and give their lives to God.

She admits however that the Gospel Music Industry is facing a lot of challenges, but believes with time, things will shape up.

Her debut album, titled, “Me Do Fo Kristo” is an 8-track album which includes hit tracks like Tumi, Yehowa Tease, Twere No,Nyame Be Ye, among others.

Currently, her album is enjoying radio airplay with some media houses.

Efya Rita is on the Murdeikline Rekordz label and CEO, Okonkwo says he trust in the talents of the his artiste who he says will go places with time.

The album is due to be launched at her church on May 5, 2013 t 9:30am

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