Ghanaian Gospel Singer/Lecturer, WegeiWor, has come out to condemn actions by Actress/Movie Producer, Tracey Boakye and Veteran Hiplife Singer, Mzbel, who were throwing unsavory words at each other.

Mzbel and Tracey Boakye were seen in respective videos on social platform Instagram castigating each other in insipid language over a supposed croesus, and husband snatching allegations.

WegeiWor who found their actions in bad taste dropped a long critique. Below is a letter to Tracey Boakye and Mzbel by WegeiWor (unedited);

“I am the last person to put on a ‘High Moral’ gown and judge anybody in this world. But that doesn’t mean I would for any reason celebrate my own wrongs/ills not to talk of shameful acts by anybody. The point is I have no right to judge anyone’s sin but please do not expect me to celebrate stupidity and shamelessness.

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Observing what’s currently being hailed on social media, concerning two ladies fighting over another woman’s husband, not only breaks my heart as a woman but makes me wish I could change my gender for a while( can’t be permanent though, bcos I love being a woman,lol).

I remember crying and hiding my face when I was teased as ‘somebody’s girlfriend’ as a growing girl. This was because in the society in which I grew up, a woman was raised to be proud of being somebody’s wife and not somebody’s girlfriend or concubine.

In the society in which I grew up, a bride was celebrated and hailed a day after her wedding for keeping her virginity.

Where I grew up, chastity was what made a younglady speak out boldly and confidently in public and not ‘glorified prostitution’. In fact , a younglady’s body was so sacred that it was expected that the force of gravity would have no power over her breast. ie Every younglady is suppose to have ‘standing breast’ until she’s married and breastfeeding.

Suddenly, we are living in a society where it is now ladies who kiss and tell, and brag about how much wealth they’ve amassed by trading their ‘most lethal weapons’. When did we get here? There’s a sudden drop in our morality as a people and we should all go on our knees and cry for an intervention before we become worse than ‘yaanom on other continents’.“

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