Y3 di NAM Na 3yi NAM and therefore as a chief fisherman myself I was not surprised to see Fish1 getting all those fishes in his net.
Yes the fraudSTAR has been able to defraud a lot of greedy fools in Gh which is normal but my surprise is the way those he defrauded are still patiently waiting for his second coming to defraud them more and that is completely foolish hypnotization.
When Pyram happened we all saw how their customers invaded their offices in fact DKM customers smashed their offices and took away what they could get but what we are seeing with these messed up customers is mind blowing and it makes one feel like they are non Ghanaians. Well may be they are some new breed of Ghananians.
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Why am I saying all this, it’s because when the signs are written on the wall in a language you understand you don’t go looking for a translator.
Since Menzgold was fished out by SEC who actually told them to continue with their legal business they registered to do and stop the PONZI scheme, NAM1 has promised and failed these special breed of customers severally and they are still waiting for his second coming which I hear will be online which the SEC has assured us it will be monitored as well.
He has taken off all the branding onthe cars he used those greedy customers monies to buy and they still don’t get it.
One of the reason for this write up today is because he promised to migrate them onto an online platform and refund 15% of their monies back to them on the 9th of Nov but today is 12th of Nov and these customes are still there waiting to listen to time with Menzgold.
If the VhimCrew were part of these Gbemits we would have closed down the station till they pay us but thanks to Jah we are not part of them so they can decide to wait for Hope from hopelessness.
My number 1 worry is how he has messed up our industry and NOT his cajoled customers.
He tried using our Creative Arts people to legalize his illegal business and he nearly succeeded because of how cheap our industry is. There is no where in this world that a novice can go and just enter the Creative industry and actually take over just because he has money.
It’s because Creativity is a gift from God that goes beyond Money yet our industry being maned by cheap gatekeepers gave it to someone who knows nothing about the industry on a silver platter just because he had people’s monies to feed their stomachs and now they can be fully counted among the greedy fools.
Can you imagine a nobody taking over the American Creative industry whiles the likes of Quincy Jones and co are there? but this dude gave these industry giants monies that belonged to his customers and made them feel like he was in to help an industry he knows nothing about and the truth is he was able to do all these things because the monies did not belong to him. Nobody in his right senses will throw monies he has worked so hard for away in such manner but he had most of the industry players including Socrates who works with the government sheepishly singing his praise and spending No blowing the depositors monies away.
I will give you only two examples of how he has fucked our industry up with the aid of these greedy players and then end this write up for now.
Shatta Wale had the biggest fanbase in Ghana but the day he was caught by this fish, his numbers dropped drastically because majority of his fans who felt they were the ones making him huge felt betrayed and redrew their support. He also did not prepare them for that switch over well and that was strategically Too Wrong. Ask me how I realized and I will tell you that the day he signed onto that label the next day he did a Facebook live video and he got say 60,000 views instead of say his usual 100,000 views and that’s 40% fans lost so I asked myself is his management really watching the trends?
I believe he still has majority of them on standby and it the right steps are taken he will win them all back.
Second example is BASS AWARDS which has been over the past 5years organized by a few brilliant individuals without any break until this fish caught the Bulldog in his net and one will wonder what the dog was looking for in the ocean.
The truth is majority of the fish and dog he caught in his net ended up investing their monies into the PONZI scheme and were chopping No Blowing the dividends infact all those billions he told the world he had signed them with are now stuck in the monies that was blown on the plane, cars, parties and girls and now all of them don’t have the money they were signed with.
The only person I suspect has his money intact will be Stonebowy because something kept telling him that he was in a mess so he was very tactical even though he kind of played along.
Now If Bulldog who told us that NAM can borrow Nana 50billion can not even get money from the same NAM to organize his BASS AWARDS which they have in collaboration with STIP privately organized for all these years then you should get what is happening even if you are the biggest idiot.
For NAM who was sponsoring everything in this country including shitting competitions and has promised to build theaters and who was also awarded a Lifetime achievement award at the BASS AWARD just last year to say he can’t sponsor BASS AWARDS then you should know the situation on the ground.
My pain is that BASS AWARDS was the only accepted Award Scheme for the reggae/dancehall genre so for the biggest genre Awards not to happen this year is a big blow to the industry as a whole.
We have all been swindled in one way or the other in our individual lives infact just last year a Ghanaian Ivorian who promised to put us on some promotional package did us some 419 erh and we nearly cried but we have gathered courage and will definitely land on him brutal on our next visit to Abidjan.
Yes it’s painful to be fooled but it is more foolish to remain a fool.
It’s painful to be tricked especially if they sell Abyssinia to you as Gold BUT it will be more foolish to sit and wait for another Abyssinia to be brought back to you so the earlier these customers rise up the better and yes they need to also humble themselves and beg the government to help them collect their monies with the help of Interpol since the man is missing in action instead of wallowing in their foolishness.
Even their NAM is begging the government to help him continue with his illegality so why shouldn’t they beg for their monies infact the government is helping No going to sell Otabils properties to help pay back his customers even that which was a legal business gone wrong not to talk of an illegality like a PONZI scheme.
One person should bring the pay slip of the 15% promised on the 9th November and the VhimCrew will leave them to their faith.
It’s disgraceful to be 419ed but it is sensible to realize it than to rot in it infact if I had my money there I would have seized Willie Roi’s car at rainbow fm this Saturday.
I’m not inciting anyone but I’m helping them realize the bent curves behind them as the cut their path.
BigUps to the smart ones who realized it and are out and to those who will realize it soon as well but to those who will continue fooling we wish them well and they should not forget to attend the Christmas party.
I’m off to work to go and hustle legally so catch up with you later.
This write up was angered by Socrates Sarfo.
By Enock Agyepong