Gyakie - Nana Nyame
Gyakie – Nana Nyame


Bearing a somber feel and tone, Gyakie’s ‘Nana Nyame’ touches on the many lows we encounter in our respective lives. Amidst its somewhat dark theme is a dazzle of hope in the figure of God. Which makes perfect sense because it’s in our darkest hours we clearly see the light (God).
Produced by Kuvie, the quality and replay value of ‘Nana Nyame’ is undeniably top shelf and a must listen for audiophiles. ‘Nana Nyame’ adds to Gyakie’s impressive catalogue of songs such as ‘Never Like This’, ‘Control’, ‘Love is Pretty’, ‘Sor Mi Mu’.
Gyakie is a Ghanaian Afro-fusion/Afrobeat singer who is currently signed to and managed by FLIP THE MUSIC. Check out here latest song ‘Nana Nyame’ here: