Bisa Kdei


The LIFE hit maker on Beat FM talked about High Life music and how tough it was for him to continue from where our older generation left off.

According to Bisa Kdei, he grew up in an environment where High Life music is the only Language him and his family could relate to. Falling in love with the genre, Bisa Kdei pledged to take the genre to a different height since High Life is the only music of Ghanaian origin.


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Comparing High Life music to Afro Beats, Bisa Kdei said,

High Life music is the mother of Afro Beat. I just appreciate the fact that High Life music is getting all this attention. But what most people dont know is, Afro Beat originated from High Life music. So like i always say, music is a universal language, if well spoken, people can easily translate and relate to it — and thats why i have mixed race dancing, singing and getting motivated and inspired from my song and lyrics – Bisa Kdei stated.

He talked about his latest project called Konnect, which is aimed at connecting him to his fans more than ever.

I have started this new movement called Konnect, where i connect more with my fans. Recently when i went to the states, i gave a surprise visit to some of my fans at their home, work places, etc. I am giving my fans more of me because they play a huge role in my music success. I respect their support and love and I am giving myself some more time to really KONNECT with them – Bisa Kdei added.

Bisa Kdei is credited with series of hit songs, including Odo Carpenter, Mansa, Brother Brother, Azonto Ghost, Samina, I Love You, Saa, Atomesu, Madanfo, Baba, Pillow, Jwe, Life, to mention but few.

He just released APAE which is gradually becoming everyone’s favorite.

Enjoy APAE by Bisa Kdei from below……