Highly Spiritual
Highly Spiritual


High Spiritual Music is a an music record label management in Ghana, which is headed by legendary music producer Kaywa. The label has given to the industry stars such as Kurl Songx, Yaw Berk, Kyrmi and many others.

In a recent Instagram post, the CEO of the label, Kaywa, share an image of a himself and four young chaps with this caption “Embracing the magic of their unique talent as they define the boundaries of music and take us on an extraordinary journey. Welcome the brilliant sounds of the new era”.


He had made it known a few days ago about some artistes who were previously on the label and finally exited. Mr Drew, Kyrmi and Lasmid make up the list of the said artistes reason for them exiting hasn’t been disclosed yet.

As time goes by, we will certainly have the information as to what really happened.


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