Shows like Shift Africa, The Job, Shark Tank and Billion Dollar Buyer will inspire you to new height of business success, and if not, they’ll keep you royally entertained – seeing how moguls, billionaires and star entrepreneurs operate.

Shift Africa, Mondays at 19:30 CAT, is Kwesé’s first original production, and gives you an exclusive look at Africa’s newest innovators and entrepreneurs. Kwesé is doing its bit for business in Africa by profiling the ground-breakers and the innovators who are taking our continent forward. Hosted by Okwi Okoh, each episode addresses issues surrounding major African issues? Challenges like electricity, efficient housing, water and how to develop the economy.

The Job, premiering Monday 10 July at 20:30 CAT, is hosted by the dynamic Lisa Ling and gives candidates from around America a chance to win positions at some of the country’s most prestigious companies. Each week five of the best candidates go up against one another to prove they deserve a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land their dream job. They are put through a series of tests to see if they have the skills, ambition and hunger for success.

In the new season of Shark Tank, Mondays to Thursdays at 19:30 CAT, a no-nonsense team of entrepreneurial titans gives business enthusiasts a chance to shine. The hopefuls present their ideas to the sharks in the tank – i.e. the panel of business titans – for a chance to turn their ideas into lucrative empires. Tune in as the contestants go out of their way to convince these ‘sharks’ to sink their teeth into the venture. And, the real fun starts when a great idea sets off a feeding frenzy, with more than one shark wanting a piece of the action. It becomes a battle of the sharks to see who has the deepest pockets’ as they drive up the price of the investment to outbid each other.

Billion Dollar Buyer, Wednesdays at 20:30 CAT, offers an inside look at what it takes to turn a winning idea into a successful business. The show is hosted by drawling Texan Tilman Fertitta, who owns Landry’s – a multi-billion dollar restaurant and entertainment business. In each episode he spends time with two small businesses, sampling their products and getting to know the owners. He helps them improve their operations and then decides which one is worthy of a significant purchase order. The winner can expect a massive boost in revenue, and for the loser this could just be the end of the road. It?s a tough old world out there, and you can bank on Tilman Fertitta to give you the un-flavoured truth about the line between success and failure.

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