Enock Agyepong
Enock Agyepong

It’s not worth it wasting your time on certain subjects especially when it involves people who are educated and should know better.

We live in a system where everyone does what he or she can do to survive and in that quest there is a lot of compromise.

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Journalism is no joke and if the act of compromising becomes a norm then the public will never know the TRUTH but only what they want the public to know.
A typical example is how a radio entertainment show can discuss the influx of foreign soap opera dispassionately when it’s sister Tv Station is showing the same soap operas almost 24hrs a day.
I listen to Bbc news a lot and they report on a lot of issues including very tragic ones but you will never find the news reader showing emotions in fact all the emotions comes from the people they interview but here in Gh a news reader easily gets emotional and sometimes attempts to stop reading the news because they feel sad for a victim. You listen to an interview and it’s as if they are speaking for someone and it’s so obvious.
Why am I even wasting my time because nothing will change.
The painful thing is it becomes extremely difficult for a Professional Journalist who wants to do the right thing to survive in such a polarized environment where it’s very easy for people to buy cheap Journalist to do their bidding.
I believe a professional Journalist must never take sides and must tell the story as it is but yo! as long as there is cheap and hungry stomachs to be fed trust me Lions will continue to eat Lions.