Danny Beatz 

Danny Beatz is among the popular sound engineers in Ghana today having produced songs like Hustle for the late Ebony.

Add the fact that he is also a musician (he sang Medekuku which featured Ebony) and you have a young man whose appeal to women is quite high.

It is quite normal to expect that Danny Beatz will bask in the admiration of women but he is not. Instead he tells Showbiz, he is extra careful about women because you never can be sure if they are gold diggers, agents of destruction or they genuinely like you.

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“You know some guys think that being famous means you have all the ladies at your beck and call but the truth is that, it is not so. The ladies will come not because of what your real name is but because you are an artiste.

“For example, most of these ladies will come not because my name is Daniel but because I am Danny Beatz. They will come with the intention to milk you dry. Most of these ladies are gold diggers and they have an agenda.

“Some are also sent to destroy you, so you need to be on guard and be careful keeping in mind that not every lady who throws herself at you is good,” he said.

It is little wonder that he is currently single. “I am married to my music now, I am not in any relationship. I spend almost all of my time either reading books, listening to music, producing, writing music, playing games or watching movies and that is it”, Danny Beatz added.

He may have worked with the likes of AK Songstress, Mzbel, Ebony, Pope Skinny and Tutulapato and produced some hit songs, but what some people may not know is that Danny Beatz, real name Daniel Owusu Agyapong, has no formal training in engineering.

According to him, he is a self-taught skill. “I have passion for music and anything related to it and wanted to be an artiste, so somewhere is 2008, I went to one studio to be recorded and I did not like the way the guy spoke to me.

“He spoke to me as if I was a kid, with so much disrespect. It was too negative for me so I told myself; if I put my mind to it, I can do this on my own. I went home, bought software online, downloaded books, started playing with the software and that has been it.

“I remember my people trying to discourage me and I told them they should give me five years and I will surprise them and here we are today,” he told Showbiz.

Although it is paying off, Danny Beatz says it could be better. “It has though not as I would want but I think with hard work and God’s grace, I would be fine. I am more than focused to get to the top”, he added.
Danny also explained that being a music producer requires a lot of patience because it comes with many challenges.

“Though I have not experienced any act coming back to me to say the beat I produced is not a good one, there are some who think they know it all and feel that what they want is the best and in situations like that, I try to speak my mind and let them know what is right. Some will understand immediately but for others, it takes time.”

Having dropped out of school, Danny Beatz plans to go back to school soon but for now, he is working as hard as he can to leave his mark.

“It takes extra hard work, dedication and prayer to get to the top and when you do, never forget where you came from.

“To my management, I want to thank them for believing in me and not giving up. God bless them and my fans should watch out for my new song”, he added.

Source : Graphic ShowBiz