Zeal Governor has reiterated his position behind fast rising female pop artiste, Chikel Baibe. In a exclusive interview with Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah, the showbiz expert laid down facts of his dealings with Hakel Entertainment, management entity of Chikel Baibe; saying that he is the country manager for the label.

“I discovered Chikel Baibe when i was working with a different team, but that that team is no more. I don’t work with them again. I’m managing Chikel Baibe with Hakell Entertainment Solutions” — Zeal opined.

This clarification comes in weeks after several media speculations that, Zeal has sold off Chikel Baibe to Sultan Group, and others also not well informed on his relationship with Hakell Entertainment owned by Hakeem Ellis.

Explaining their professional relationship, Zeal Governor said that it is now Hakell Entertainment, where he works as the general manager that are executively producing Chikel and Sultan drinks which is a beverage manufacturing and distribution agency owned by same Hakeem Ellis usually sponsors their events.

“Chikel Baibe has a deal with Sultan Drinks which allows the company to sponsor our events and promotional activities. ” — Zeal explained.

“We advise all media outlets to ignore erroneous publications that suggests that I’m still with my former label or others that rumor sale of Chikel Baibe to other entities. I am still her manager. ” He said.

Chikel Baibe recently outdoored her her recent music titled “MY TIME” featuring rapper Teephlow.

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