JM De Voice

Contrary to believes that albums stop selling making artist to release singles JM de Voice thinks otherwise, in an interview with he disclosed that artist like Lumba, R. Kelly and co still sell albums because their fans know they will get at least 5 songs on the album that’s equally good as the hit song.
People stopped buying albums because they realized that apart from the 1st song the rest didn’t make sense.   Speaking on his current album TIMELESS he said because he believes albums still sell he made sure all the songs on the album were well worked on that’s why it took over a year to complete just 8 songs with songs like Its so Crazy, Hot Girl, The Only One just to name a few I believe music is a commodity that should last forever.
Some of the songs on this album are “The Only One”, “Its So Crazy”, “Twe ben me” which features Okyeame Kwame, “Save the children” featuring Qstar from Tanzania, “Count On Me” and “Hot Girl”.
I hope my fans and everyone would enjoy the time and energy Spent on this album called TIMELESS.  All songs writing, composed and performed by JM de Voice, Programed, Mixed and Mastered by ABe Music for Speech Production. Videos directed by Kpakpo.