JM De Voice - Its So Crazy

When asked why he didn’t file for vgma nomination he said I don’t do music because of awards, music is spiritual and I record only when the inspiration comes. My debut album African Girl with the group Akesifour got nominated for vgma but awards are not my focus he again said when I am done with the album he could file for nominations but for now my focus is my fans.

Currently he is promoting his fourth single titled “It’s so crazy ” on his upcoming album named TIMELESS. When asked about the song “it’s so crazy” he said there are a lot of crazy things currently going on in the world that’s making the conditions of living difficult for the youth man which if care is not taken could result in anger . He therefore wants to use this song to encourage them and also to tell them not to lose hope. The youth is our future so if our youth losses hope in the system our future is doomed.

When asked about the current state of Ghamro he said royalties is the reason why we work so if after 25years right owners have finally had the opportunity to elect a board of their choice then I believe we are heading in the right direction, he also encouraged the young musicians to get involved in the issues of the cmo because that is their future just like ssnit is the future of the public servant.

He also hinted on a collaboration with one of the reggae giants but refused to mention his name and said it’s a surprise to his fans.