Your current relationship will determine your next stance in life, and it’s very appropriate to come to terms with or without being crushed by it. Philanthropist, Stacy M. Amewoyi shares some ideas as to how one can maintain a healthy relationship.

To begin with every relationship, according to Stacy is the ‘chase’. This, she says is where, the involvement with the opposite sex is seen as the most important; as one is hung around and spoken with most of the time. There is always the ‘butterfly’ feeling as it is assumed that, you have become a priority.

After this comes the comfortability stage, where individuals tend to be comfortable with each other and be themselves. But comfortability Stacy stated “depends on what you do, as it can be done negatively or positively. The positive aspect is when you continue to work out the relationship together; but to allow comfortability to create distance which leads to taking each other for granted, becomes the negative aspect of comfortability. The negative generates, when the other stops trying, which results in a changeover with the realization that, the feelings which existed before, were not that strong.”

The Philanthropist continued that, if a couple are able to come out of the above two successfully, then they are to learn to tolerate each other in the next phase of the relationship. To tolerate each other is the means to accept all the good and bad side of another which comes along with arguments, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Stacy indicated that, “this may seem crazy to both partners and may feel it’s about time to end it all because you didn’t expect see such behaviours from the other, and that is when forgiveness comes in. If a couple can forgive each other, without the thoughts of exalting the bad habits but tolerate, forgive and move on, it carries the relationship to the next level. Depending on the type of arguments, and dissatisfaction or unhappiness, one can either decide to quit or stay in there. This determines the seriousness of the relationship”.

“Judging from all three stages, the onus now lies on you to determine whether you are alone in your relationship, or you are to hold on to it through tolerance or to let go. Quitting or staying in a relationship needs thorough thoughts, which one needs to undertake to avoid unwanted consequences.” Stacy noted.

Stacy M. Amewoyi, is a philanthropist, who over the years have touched lives of the less privileged in society with reference to on YouTube. She is at it again, as on Friday, 20th July, she will do another donation to places including; Kingdomite Preparatory school (Teshie Lekma), Shai Hills Kordiabe, Nii Kojo Ababio basic school, AME Zion school (Korle Gono), South 2&3 Basic school, and Dzifa Agbledome. Stacy has compiled her autobiography titled ‘the kings choice’ formally pity sexy, which will be launched in August and therefore is entreating all and sundry to watch out for it.

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