I was surfing the web a few hours ago, precisely Twitter when a thought provoking tweet shared by Ghanaian based Nigerian alternative artist Pzeefire popped up on my timeline. Upon seeing the tweet, I had no option than to gas up and engage him in a levelheaded conversation to understand in detail what he meant by such a simple yet powerful caption which has something to do with the #EndSarsProtest.



Below was the conversation i had with him:

BeenieWords: Why that tweet? It’s very powerful yet was written in simple language.

Pzeefire: As a composer who creates music for the entire world I’ve always seen Africa as One and it’s my wish to see an Africa with One President with One Currency where all Borders in Africa will be freely accessible to all Africans.

BeenieWords: Why do you think Africa is still under developed?

Pzeefire: We have been divided for far too long and that’s the main reason for our poverty, we all know the Power in a United people and how the divided can always be ruled mercilessly.

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BeenieWords: Do you think It’s possible for Africa to unite?

Pzeefire: Yes!!! One of my Mentors Kwame Nkrumah indeed saw that Vision but didn’t live to see it materialise, Bob Marley dreamt it and indeed sang about it, Gaddafi realized it but got assassinated in his quest to see it materialise. These are all Great individuals who saw that Vision but it’s my hope that this time around the entire Continent will see that vision so we can achieve this goal for the unborn generation.

Fact is those who came to Africa to colonize us and ended up dividing and Ruling us are back in their various continents living as One people.

America is One with the Dollar Bill and the Entire Europe is also trying hard to live under One EU with the Euro Bill. Tell me, what is Stopping Africa from living as One People Under a Single Currency?