Deaconess Mary Nana Sekyere, a rising gospel musician has revealed that she married her husband as a virgin and that her husband can gladly and proudly bear her witness.
Speaking on Adom TV’s discussion segment of Kuch Rang Television series hosted by Tima KumKum, the musician during the discussion on the topic about still talking to your former partners after a break-up gave answers that were quite shocking to the host.
Deaconess Mary started her submission by stating that it is no big deal to still be in contact with your ex when the two break up because she believes being at loggerheads is bad and once you do that, the sort of hatred that comes out may even cause one to kill the other.
The rising gospel singer, however, expressed her displeasure in deciding to work in the same place as your ex. She opined that because there is usually some bitterness and anger between the two, it tends to slow production at the workplace and as such suggested that once people break-up, one person leaves the particular workplace.
The host of the show, Tim KumKum, who looked quite surprised at the answers she was getting from the deaconess pushed further and asked her if she is still talking to her ex after their break-up. It was at this point that the musician dropped the shocker that she married her husband a virgin and as such has no ex
The host of the show finally concluded that she believes the musician gave her those answers because she has not really had the experience. Kuch Rang airs on Adom TV on weekdays and is hosted by the beautiful Tima KumKum.
Watch the latest video from Deaconess Mary below…