Highlife singer, Kwabena Kwabena on The Late Nite Celebrity show last Friday with DzifAffaine, revealed that he didn’t take any money from rapper Asem in doing his part of the song, Bye Bye.

Arguably, Kwabena Kwabena’s version of Bye Bye was what made the song many fans’ favourite but it was such a surprise when the video of the song emerged and there was no sight of Kwabena Kwabena was in it.

Even though he was unwilling to comment on this issue during the interview, rumour has it that Asem totally cut Kwabena Kwabena out and made the song his own completely.

Asem has not come out to say anything about the song neither has he explained the absence of Kwabena Kwabena in the video.

Aside the controversy surrounding the music video, Kwabena Kwabena on the show also revealed that he has a new management team working tirelessly to get him even further than where he is now.

Source: Laila Limann / Ghana News