Fast-rising Ghanaian actress Fatima Adeoye is set to act for a 2 million Dollar role in Hollywood.
In an interview with Ayisah Papabi on TV Africa’s Pae Mu Ka, she told the host she would easily to act nude in a production from Hollywood if the money’s huge.
She said “Yes I will do it… the money is the motivation is not like I will do anything for the money but 2 million dollars is a lot of money for me. It’s my career I won’t even think twice about it… ”
Born to a Ghanaian mother and Nigerian father, Fatimah, who joined the movie industry three years ago has produced her own movie first movie, titled, Aliyah.
She is the winner of the 2015 Discovery of the Year prize at the City Peoples Entertainment Awards. She has also starred in movies like Aliyah, Fake London Boy, Ghana Yonko, and Evil Soul among others.
Watch the interview below: