Nana Appiah Mensah
Nana Appiah Mensah 

Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Zylofon Media Nana Appiah Mensah has revealed that he will fix the dying Ghanaian entertainment industry.

For the past 2 days, the CEO was sent a message via his Instagram handle, which he shared asking for thoughts from his followers and Ghanaians as a whole.

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The business mogul replying an unknown person who advised him to stop wasting cash on celebrities because he will not yield enough profit.

According to him, entertainers “have a very minimal role to play in the realization of that desired goal” because the industry is faced with many problems.

The private jet owner revealed that “based on the many comments on the subject as to whether or not; ARTS IS A LUCRATIVE VENTURE? the million and one answer all lies in ZYLOFON CASH. This system shall create an arts regime where all artists, managers, beat makers, even backing vocalists, songs/scriptwriters, promoters/marketers, dancers/choreographers, most importantly investors, nationals or expats and ALL RIGHT OWNERS would earn hard Cash for the usage of their creative materials/properties by a means called ROYALTIES, which is pivotal in the creative arts enterprise worldwide.

“…I’m glad by yesterday’s topical discussion, following the many views, it emerged evidently clear that we have a very sensitive grave problem in our arts industry, identifying the problem is half the solution. Most importantly, let’s dispel the misconception that, artists or as most people prefer to call them “celebrities” aren’t interested in investors having returns on their investments, I know they do, at least all the Zylofon signees does”, he said.

Below is the statement continuation…

They all wish investors can earn and earn many more, just so others can follow suit except that, they can’t help it as they have a very minimal role to play in the realization of that desired goal. Their job is to create and produce/record and I know all artists in Ghana discharge that burden happily and enthusiastically. The deficit here is an effective, efficient and very potent SYSTEMS & STRUCTURES that would be utilized to monetize the works these fine, hardworking and very committed Ghanaian artists or celebrities take lots of pains sacrificing many days and sleep times at nights recording.

For example; @beccafrica and @stonebwoy gave Zylofon an album each ( a product ) to sell in other to split shares as agreed. At that point, their job is done. Therefore for anybody to say or even think that these guys are lazy, insensitive, not committed, bent on causing losses or not great investments would be an unfair assertion to make and that misconception must be dispelled forcefully. All Ghanaian artists and celebrities are well talented and are worthy of any investment. I urge all Artists to be of good cheer and encouraged. Hope is here. I SHALL FIX THIS INDUSTRY, SO HELP ME GOD.?

Source : Blagogee