At a season when almost every citizen here is asking for change in pocket, Ghanaian singer Qhrash says he wants women instead of money.

According to Qhrash, he will forever choose his female fans over any amount of money as long as music is concerned.

I respect ladies who cherish talents and since a woman means a lot to God, they mean a lot to me and my profession, and no matter how much one gives me, i wont hurt any lady for that amount. Qhrash stated

Winning the attention of one lady through your talent is like winning the attention of 100 other guys. Thats the power of a woman – Qhrash added

Asked if he has ever treated any lady bad since they mean a lot to him, Qhrash answered by saying,

I havent hurt any lady in my life before and i wont do that. I am that type who wont go for a lady if im not ready to be with her and that is the main reason im currently single because my music career is taking a lot of me than what my woman can get.

Currently signed under Booza Link Entertainment, Qhrash will in few days time release his official single under the label.

Management tells us that series of top collaborations are in the pipe line.

But wait oo, who chooses a lady over money?