Holy Empire label act, Nautica seems to be “mad over” Obrafour.

Nautica in his recent interview stated his inspiration as a musician comes from the rap godfather, Obrafour and despite the fact that he hasnt gotten the chance to meet Obrafour in person, songs from the rapper has influenced his music career in a very positive way.


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With what inspired him to choose music as a profession, Nautica answered by saying…

You see, I had always wanted to be a musician but to be professional in this field, i needed someone like Obrafour to direct me and i know getting to him in person will be tough so i always listen to his songs, interviews and messages. Gradually, people around me started believing in my art and i give that credit to Obrafour. – Nautica stated…

According to Nautica, songs from Obrafour has flooded his laptop and he doesnt mind getting another external drive to get his future releases on it.

When you check on my laptop, songs, videos and messages from Obrafour is like 70% storage capacity. Not that i dont listen to other musicians, i do listen to every musician but i dont mind deleting their songs from my laptop to replace with that of Obrafour. And i am even planning on getting another external drive for Obrafour’s works in the future. Nautica reveals

Nautica said the very first day he will meet Obrafour will be the day he will take his blessings from the living legend since that will mean a lot to him.

I cant control myself if i should get the chance to meet this king in person. I dont know what i will do but to cut it short, my actions around Obrafour will embarrass him more than any other encounter he has had with a fan. I will ask for his blessings and directions after talking to him. Nautica added

Obrafour is currently preparing to release his Obra Fofro album and Nautica says, his favorite song on the album so far is Pimpinaa which features multiple award winning artiste, Bisa Kdei.

Nautica released his latest single titled Nsa Ase few days ago.

Enjoy song from below.