Recently it has become normal for female musicians in and outside Ghana to show skin on stage when performing to their audiences
Well, whiles some have condemned this stage craft, Godwynn seems to be in support of it
In his recent interview, Godwynn believes as an artiste, you are only booked for a show when the promoter believes you can entertain patrons at the event so as a musician, you need to do the extraordinary to make people enjoy your performance
According to Godwynn, he is prepared to do much more unthinkable things just to entertain people who come for his shows.
You see there is nothing wrong with ladies showing skin when performing. They are booked to entertain people so if this is part of their way to make us enjoy their stage performance then no one should care because that’s what they are paid to do at that particular time, to entertain
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When asked if he will go the extreme to entertain people whiles performing Godwynn answered “yes”
I do unthinkable things whenever I’m on stage because that’s what Im paid to do, sing and entertain my fans and if I have to go the extreme to even perform magic on stage to make my fans scream and be happy then I will do that. Remember, these are stage acts and not real, just business. Godwynn added
Godwynn who is currently promoting his latest single “Eazy” has begun his media tour and so far so good, the song is doing well on the airwaves
Visuals for Eazy is available below…