J.Town - Atlantis Nights (Visuals)

Following the release of his highly anticipated EP ‘Flights From My Soul’ we were graced with visuals of a utopia, the bright lights of which dreams are filled, and the smooth sound of trapsoul through the release of his music video for Atlantis Nights on VEVO. The entire video was shot all over the opulent Emirate of Dubai. The director, Manny Moka (of Four16 Creative), didn’t want to show everyone the same Dubai that we’ve all come to see on Instagram and Twitter, he switched it up a bit. From reaching back into the late 60’s/early 70’s for a Mercedes Benz 250CE, to J.Town proudly embracing his Ghanaian roots by wearing his dashiki, the video gave me a stronger connection with the song itself. I came to better understand the intimacy and romance he experienced with his belle.

The song Atlantis Nights fits snuggly into the themes of his EP, with every song being introduced through our pilots on this journey we take with J.Town. We lift off from his hometown of Accra, Ghana and travel all over the globe from Dubai, to Zanzibar and even end up in Monaco. One may need to stand up and stretch their legs after listening to this EP as it transfixes you into the belief that you are on this flight.

Flights From My Soul is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and on all major streaming sites. Keep up with him on Twitter & Instagram: @iamjtown. Look him up on Facebook: J-Town.

And watch out for his ‪#‎FridayNightFreestyles‬. There are a couple hits for the old school cats.