Jah Plaka - Hunt Me
Jah Plaka – Hunt Me

Titled “Hunt me down”, the song talks about Human rights and Human dignity.

Impacting lives with his conscious and positive lyrics across the globe. Jahplaka is a reggae, soca and dancehall musician with a rapid worldwide fanbase growth, after merging into the music scene. The fast-rising artist is winning the heart of music lovers across the globe with his conscious and positive vibes. Born Plakoo Joshua and evolving around many monickers, “Plaka” became his favourite because of it being derived from his surname. He then added “Jah” to signify his close relationship with the creator.

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In his early teens, Plaka grew the love for breakdance and rap music. Battle rapping throughout elementary and high school which led him to record his first hip hop single in 2013 titled poundcake featuring “Carmelo and Slimbo”. Proclaiming rasta as a spiritual path and influenced by 80’s reggae and dancehall musicians, his revolutionary style sets him apart from his counterparts, by employing social and spiritual consciousness of root reggae to soca and dancehall.

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