Australia based Ghanaian Gospel singer and songwriter Jay Peacock is back with a powerful
potential Gospel banger, titled “Spiritual Commando”.
Jay Peacock desire is to empower believers and create awareness about the spiritual authority to command, speak, or decree a thing for it to be established (Job 22:28), for life and death lies in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).
“’Spiritual Commando’ encourages you to speak peace, command freedom, breakthrough, healing, prosperity, long-life, marriage, business, contracts and your Visa into being. Son of man speak unto the dry bones to come to life. Any dead situation, disappointments, cancer, and every evil enchantment against your life, against your family, speak fire to set them to blaze. Decree and declare, the universe awaits your manifestation, arise, shine, prophesy to the dry bones to live again, #EnoughIsEnough,” Jay Peacock explained in an interview.
Jay further stated that it is unfortunate that today, many believers leave their lives at the mercies of
individuals who profess to be “men of God” who make these vulnerable believers think that their
lives depend on the fake prophecies that are full of fear tactics and deceits.
He says, “It is time for the believer to know his/her authority and exercise this authority by
commanding his/her way to freedom, success, and happy life wherever and whenever!”
Enjoy the song produced by B’Cole below and don’t forget to share your candid views with us


Jay Peacock – Spiritual Commando [DOWNLOAD]